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The purpose of this report is to provide an annual summary of the profile of the workforce for Portsmouth City Council. It supports the Council’s commitment to equality and diversity and fulfils the statutory requirement to publish workforce equality data under the Equality Act 2010.

As part of the Portsmouth City Council workforce strategy, directorate action plans are going to be developed across the organisation.

Base sizes

Unless otherwise stated, the reported base always refers to the number of employees. Portsmouth City Council does not hold complete data on every employee (this may be because the question was not asked at enrolment or employees chose not to provide an answer for specific questions). Therefore, the base sizes vary from question to question (a summary of response rates by question is shown in the chart on the right).

Data source

This report is based on employee data held on EBS Oracle as at 1st December 2019 (unless otherwise stated). Starters and leavers data refers to the period January 2019 – September 2019. The data does not include agency staff.

Response Rates

Summary of workforce