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  • Routes and locations of bus stops was mentioned as an issue by 33% of respondents
  • This was more likely to be mentioned as an issue across all those with accessibility barriers, except parents using a pushchair – it affects those who are disabled/care for someone with a disability (33%); those who are elderly or care for the elderly (34%); those with financial issues (52%) and those with a mental disability (44%)
  • There were also differences seen by age, it was more likely to be mentioned by those aged over 55+ (36%) and 35-54 (35%) when compared to the younger audiences
  • The most significant issue for those rating this aspect poorly is that there isn’t a bus route that goes where they wanted to travel, with three quarters (74%) of respondents mentioning this
  • Other issues included; there being no bus stop within 5 minutes of the home, as well as low frequency of buses, limited routes and having to change buses

Why respondents think that routes and locations of bus stops are poor / very poor

Base: All rating bus route/ locations of stops as poor/very poor (174)

This chart shows that when asked why respondents think that routes and locations of stops are poor and or very poor
74% of respondent say that there isn’t a bus route that goes to where I want to travel to
14% say that there isn’t a bus stop within 5 minutes of their home
7% say that buses are infrequent and or that they only come once an hour
6% they that there are no direct routes and or that they have to make changes during their journey to reach their final destination
6% say that the bus routes are limited and or that there are not enough bus routes
4% say that they cannot walk far enough to the bus stop locations

Direct quotes from respondents

“Difficult bus routes, long journey times with multiple changes.”

“There are a few areas in Portsmouth that buses just don’t serve. It is frustrating not being able to access easily places I need to get to. I have to wait until someone is available to give me a lift.”

“Make bus routes easier to understand, connect with other transport and greater visibility of stops.”

“There are parts of Portsmouth that are inaccessible from certain areas due to a lack of available buses. Since the number 6 bus route was cut, Eastney is very difficult to access from North End.    Lastly, our buses would be far more accessible with up-to-date routes available and a more accurate/user friendly tracker app.”

“Buses need to connect whole city together with no /only 1 change max. More changes make journey times too long. Buses need to run more often, be reliable and MUCH cheaper, and end later in day.”