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A predominantly quantitative survey was launched on Wednesday 1st December 2021 and was open until Monday 3rd January 2022. Given that anyone is able to travel around Portsmouth, the survey was open to everyone – residents, visitors and workers.

The online survey was promoted via the following marketing and communication channels:

  • PCC email marketing distribution lists (including ‘Your City Your Say’ and staff lists)
  • PCC social media platforms
  • Press release


The purpose of this report is to provide a comprehensive summary of the Accessibility of the Transport Network consultation. This consultation gave residents, visitors and those working in Portsmouth the opportunity to provide their views on the accessibility of travel within the city, to enable the Council to take the necessary steps to ensure that the transport network is accessible to all.


The overall aim of the consultation was to review the overall accessibility of the transport network within Portsmouth, in particular this focussed on:

  • Public Transport – bus service, rail network
  • Private hire vehicles and hackney carriages
  • Highway network – walking and cycling networks
  • Road works

Response rates

The survey attracted 1,356 respondents. This is a robust sample to conduct analysis amongst and draw out comparisons between different audience groups throughout the survey

Respondent demographics

Summary of findings