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  • Among those who rated the taxi system poorly for availability, the early hours of the morning (7am-10am) and after lunch (1pm-10pm) are the hardest time to get a taxi (59% and 85% respectively)

The time(s) of day respondents struggle to get a taxi

Base: All who rated the availability of taxis as poor or very poor (192)

This chart shows that when respondents were asked about the times of day that they struggle to get a taxi
59% of respondent say between the hours 0f 7:01am and 10am
35% say between 10:01am and 13:00pm
47% say between 12:01pm and 16:00pm
59% say between 16:01pm and 19:00pm
52% say between 19:01pm and 22:00pm
34% say between 22:01pm and 1:00am
15% say between 01:01am and 4:00am
11% say between 04:01am and 7am