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  • Over half of wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) users have had a bad experience whilst using a WAT (58%) and 44% have had a good experience
  • The key reasons for bad experiences with WATs are; a lack of assistance from drivers, safety issues (i.e. wheelchairs not properly secured), and a lack of availability of WATs when booking
  • Respondents who had a good experience primarily linked this to the helpfulness of their WAT driver

Experiences with wheelchair accessible taxis

Base: All with barriers to travel and have used a wheelchair accessible taxi in Portsmouth (66)

This chart shows the past experiences that respondents have had when using wheelchair accessible taxis
21% of respondents say that they have only had good experiences
23% of respondents say that they have had both good and bad experiences
35% of respondents say that they have only had bad experiences
21% of respondents say that they have had neither good nor bad experiences

Main reasons for bad experiences

  1. Lack of assistance from drivers

  2. Safety issues (e.g. wheelchairs not properly secured)

  3. Lack of availability when booking

Direct quotes from respondents

“Some taxi drivers are very friendly and will help you – others leave you to get out of your wheelchair, fold it up and load it into the boot yourself.”

“I had one occasion where I only had to wait 20 mins for a taxi. The driver was also very helpful and put me at ease talking to me.”

“Not all but most don’t strap in wheelchairs properly, rude, late.”

“There are never enough taxis available for wheelchairs. Very poor service. Drivers are brilliant when they arrive.”