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  • The most significant point raised was that there are not enough wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs), with one in four stating this (26%)
  • Poor availability was also commonly mentioned (18%), with the high cost of WATs and poor attitude of drivers also significant issues (both 12%)
  • Other commonly mentioned issues were being made to feel like an inconvenience (7%) and accessibility problems (mainly to do with taxis not being wide enough or made for electric wheelchairs) (7%)

Other comments made about wheelchair accessible taxis in Portsmouth

Base: All with barriers causing them to struggle to travel and are wheelchair users (68)

This chart shows that when respondents were asked whether they have any other comments to make about wheelchair accessible taxis
26% of respondents say that there needs to be more and or that there are not enough
18% mention poor availability
12% mention high costs and that the cost is double what a normal taxi would cost
12% say that the taxi drivers have a poor attitude
7% mention accessibility problems
7% say that they are made to feel like an inconvenience
6% say that they cannot pre-book and or book in advance
6% say that they have to wait ages and or that the taxis are never on time
6% say that taxi drivers need education and or training

Direct quotes from respondents

“There is never a wheelchair taxi available it cost double the price of a normal taxi and never get a ramp when getting the wheelchair in or out the taxi.”

“Aqua never have any disabled cars available or they take the booking, and the car is never on time and the rude staff on the phones are not helpful, so I refuse to use them.”

“Make them the same price as a normal size taxi.”

“Ramps difficult for chairs unless single ramp not 2 separate tracks.”

“Need to be lower to get in and out if you’re trying to step in to one.”