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  • 35% of the sample say that they do not use any community services
  • Sport and leisure community services are the most frequently used (39%)
  • Library services (34%) and outdoor activities (30%) are also popular

Which of the following community services do you use?

Base: Total sample (291)

This chart shows that:
39% of parents/carers use sport and leisure services
34% of parents/carers use library services
30% of parents/carers use outdoor services
9% of parents/carers use childcare services
8% of parents/carers use faith-based activities/support e.g. church/mosque
7% of parents/carers use music community services
6% of parents/carers use arts community services e.g. Aspex contemporary art gallery
5% of parents/carers use other community services
35% of parents/carers do not use any community services

Other services used

This table shows the other community services respondents have used. They are:
Enable Ability social club(s), Rainbows (Girl Guides), Making Space, Little Stars stay and play group, Cookery club, Museums
and the SEND Butterflies support group.

wdt_ID Other services used
1 Enable Ability social club(s)
2 Rainbows (Girl Guides)
3 Making Space
4 Little Stars stay and play group
5 Cookery club
6 Museums
7 SEND Butterflies support group