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  • The majority of residents who took part in this consultation were people on a connecting road to Palmerston Road (90%)
  • For the majority of residents, the road closure had a positive impact (76%), whereas 11% of residents felt it had a negative impact on their experience of living on or near to Palmerston road

Which of the following best describes you?

Base: Total residents (353)

This chart shows that 90% of the people who are classified as residents in the consultation are residents on a road that connects with Palmerston road and 10% live directly on Palmerston road.

Overall, what impact has the temporary road closure had on your experience of living on, or on a road connected to, Palmerston Road since it was introduced?

Base: Total residents (353)

The chart shows a summary of the impact that the road closure had on residents. 76% of residents said the closure had a positive impact and 11% said it had a negative impact.