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  • Residents who would like to see Palmerston Road reopened mostly feel that the closure has caused traffic issues in the area (33%)
  • Concerns for pedestrian safety is also a common reason for not wanting the closure to become permanent (33%)
  • Others mention that the closure is unnecessary and that it has limited access for disabled and elderly users (16% each)

Why do you feel this way?

Base: Residents wanting the road reopened and gave further reasons (6*) | *Caution small base

This chart expands on the reasons why residents would like to see the road reopened to vehicles. The most common reason is that the closure has caused traffic issues (33%).

wdt_ID Why do you feel this way? %
1 Traffic issues 33
2 Safety concerns 33
3 Noise / anti-social behaviour 16
4 Accessibility (i.e. disabled, elderly) 16
5 Unnecessary / no need 16

Some of our residents said:

“There is no need for cafe culture to block streets. You can have a cafe culture on pavements.”

“Because of the reasons I have previously explained, plus STOP FIXING THINGS THAT ARE NOT BROKEN. These initial measures should never have been brought into force in the first place. They were completely unnecessary and achieved NOTHING in regard to making walking or cycling ‘safer’.”

“I am disabled and the taxi cannot stop at Wetherspoons etc.”