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  • Greening – plants and trees was the most popular additional improvement residents would like to be considered along Palmerston Road (83%), followed by space for restaurant tables and chairs (73%) and public benches (54%)
  • Just over a third of residents further commented that they like the closure (34%) and that it was positive for the community (17%). Some respondents had concerns over antisocial behaviour in the area caused by the closure (14%) and called for additional improvements (13%), such as signage, to help deter this behaviour

In the future, what additional improvements would you like to be considered along Palmerston Road?

Base: Total residents (345)

This chart shows what additional improvements residents would like to be considered along Palmerston Road. The most popular additional improvement is for there to be more greening – plants and trees along the road (83%).

Further comments

Base: Residents who gave further comments (142)

This table shows the main themes emerging from the further comments left by residents.

wdt_ID Further comments %
1 Like the closure / should stay as is 34
2 Positive for the community (great atmosphere, attracts visitors) 17
3 Concerns about antisocial behaviour (loud noise, foul language) 14
4 Additional improvements (signage, greening) 13
5 Displaced traffic issues 11
6 Safety concerns (such as it being a shared area) 10
7 Illegal driving / parking 10
8 Dislike the closure 8
9 Feels safer 4
10 Environmental impact 3
11 Good for local economy 3
12 Affected disabled access 2
13 Other 9