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  • Most residents want Palmerston Road to remain closed for the better atmosphere; they feel the ‘buzz’ attracts people to the area (46%)
  • The road being safer for walking and cycling and the boost to the local economy were also popular reasons amongst residents (23% and 20% respectively)

Why do you feel this way?

Base: Residents wanting the road to remain closed and gave further reasons (35)

This table expands on the reasons why residents whole like Palmerston road closure to become permanent. The most common reason was that the road closure created a better atmosphere along the road (46%).

wdt_ID Why do you feel this way? %
1 Better atmosphere / nicer place 46
2 Safer for walking / cycling 23
3 Good for local business 20
4 More space for outside eating / drinking 3
5 Environmental impact 3
6 Other 17

Some of our residents have said:

“There’s no need for it to re-open to vehicles. It’s a lovely area whilst its pedestrianised – safer, cleaner and more inviting for walking and families.”

“Palmerston Road and the surrounding area is benefiting greatly from the change last year. The area looks and feels a great deal better with the outside seating provided by the bars. It’s great for local business including the other side of Palmerston Road which has struggled for many years. Other than a few complaining residents or delivery drivers I really see no realistic downside to keeping it as it is!”

“There is absolutely no reason for cars to have to go down that short stretch of road. It was madness before with vehicles speeding dangerously, parking on the walkways, music blaring. You simply couldn’t enjoy your breakfast yet alone sit outside. What a different ambience it has now the road is closed.”