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  • The most frequently mentioned theme amongst the further comments for policies A to C is that public transport needs to be improved and encouraged more through better coverage (areas and times) and subsidies to increase uptake (8%)
  • 6% think that there is not enough resident parking and that there should be more focus on resident parking
  • 5% think there should be more and cheaper parking to encourage economic activity of all types

Do you have any (other) comments to make about the draft policies for objective 1?

Base: Total sample (1,494)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Public transport should be improved and encouraged e.g. park & ride expanded to more areas, stops too early, buses needs to be subsidised, move park & ride further out, more regular buses, should be able to use P&R even if not parking a car 8
2 Not enough resident parking / more focus on residents 6
3 Provide more and cheaper parking to encourage visitors/shoppers/business 5
4 Generally supportive e.g. transport hub a good idea 4
5 Generally negative e.g. anti-motorist, restrictive, won't work, money making for council 3
6 Focus on other things e.g. regeneration of city centre, better traffic layouts, get rid of planning back log, housing control, the beach 2
7 Too vague e.g. terms are used interchangeably, unwilling to accept objectives without understanding implications, no substance 2
8 Car use needs to be actively restricted or objectives are unachievable e.g. higher permit charges, parking restrictions in city centre especially for non-residents, proper congestion charge, toll roads 2
9 More enforcement of current traffic and parking regulations including e-scooters and bikes 2
10 Car alternatives don’t work for everyone e.g. disabled, large families 1
11 Free / subsidised resident parking at the seafront / re-instate diagonal bays / cycle lane not used 1
12 Better alternative active / sustainable travel options needed e.g. safer linked up cycle routes, more e-scooters and e-bikes available, secure bike parking, better walking routes 1
13 Reduce commercial vehicles / camper vans / abandoned vehicles on residential streets e.g. secure van and commercial vehicle overnight parking out of the city, maybe at Park & Ride 1
14 Other e.g. leave it as is, work with businesses to use their car parks for residential parking, permits for commercial vehicles, mark out bays on residential streets, concern over EV spaces blocking other users, cash options at car parks, focus on areas other than city centre, build underground or multi-storey car parks, pollution at the port should be addressed, monitor disabled parking, use disused sites for parking, take back control of commercial car parks 4
15 No relevant comment / no comment 65