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Portsmouth is one of the mostly densely populated urban areas in the UK outside of London, with a population of approx. 217,000 that is expected to grow to 236,000 by 2041. Car ownership has also increased significantly in recent years; at the end of 2021, there were around 17,000 more cars registered in Portsmouth than there were at the end of 2011. Over 8,000 business are located in the city and Portsmouth receives 9.3m visitors a year. This means there is a high demand for parking for residents, businesses and visitors.

The Local Transport Plan also contains the vision that by 2038, Portsmouth will have a people-centred, connected, travel network that prioritises walking, cycling and public transport to help deliver a safer, healthier and more prosperous city.

There are a number of parking challenges to meet the parking needs of everyone. Three draft strategic objectives have been developed to meet these challenges head on. A public consultation was undertaken to gather the views of residents, visitors and businesses in Portsmouth about the draft parking strategy.

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