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  • Respondents in the youngest (<35) and oldest (75+) age groups and living in PO5 are least likely to think something is missing from the policies for objective 1
  • Residents in PO1-PO3, those living outside Portsmouth and those with a disability are most likely to think something is missing (7%-8%)
  • In terms of those that think something is missing from policies A to C, the lack of focus on residents’ parking needs is the most mentioned theme (36%)
  • 14% think that not enough thought has gone into improving public transport and that it is not suitable for everyone to use
  • 10% express concerns about the provision of sufficient additional parking at new developments such as the Bransbury leisure centre or the John Pounds centre

Who thinks something is missing from objective 1 (policies A to C)

Base: (top to bottom) | Total sample: 1,494 | Age: 108, 152, 216, 286, 247, 91 | Sex: 563, 507 | Postcode: 114, 266, 131, 311, 159, 124, 58 | Disability: 230, 817

This chart shows the proportion of respondents who think something is missing from objective 1 (policies A to C):
5% of the total sample.
2% of those aged under 34,
3% of those aged 35-44,
6% of those aged 45-54,
6% of those aged 55-64,
5% of those aged 65-74, and
3% of those aged 75 and over.
4% of males and
5% of females.
8% of those in PO1,
7% of those in PO2,
7% of those in PO3,
4% of those in PO4,
3% of those in PO5,
4% of those in PO6 and
7% of those living external to PO1-PO6.
7% of those with a disability and
4% of those without a disability.

What do you think is missing from policies A to C?

Base: Respondents who think something is missing (69)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Parking for residents should be the focus e.g. on residential streets, at the seafront, houses with multiple vehicles being restricted, remove commercial vehicles left long-term or taking residential spaces after daily restrictions end 36
2 Public transport not good enough / not suitable for all e.g. for disabled, south to north journeys, P&R poorly sited 14
3 Concerned there won't be enough car parking or free car parking e.g. at new facilities such as Bransbury leisure centre, John Pounds centre 10
4 Policies lack ambition / too vague 7
5 Strategy needs to be more joined up 6
6 Electric scooters should not be encouraged or increased 3
7 Other e.g. stop school children travelling to and from school by car, just too many cars, some people have to use a car for their job, more blue badge spaces 19
8 No relevant comment / no comment 13