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Expand the Portsmouth Park and Ride to create a transport hub


  • Individuals aged 45-54, males and people living outside of PO1-PO6 are most likely to disagree with policy A (expand the Portsmouth Park and Ride to create a transport hub)
  • Of those who disagree with policy A, 39% have doubts about whether expanding the Portsmouth Park and Ride will work, they feel cars will always be preferable for certain groups or situations, the location of the current P&R is not suitable for all areas, and has no provision for an evening service
  • For 17% of respondents, other things are more important such as resident parking, controlling housing/population growth, and reducing bike theft
  • Another 10% feel that e-scooters and e-bikes are dangerous and not suitable for everyone

Who disagrees with policy A?

Base: (top to bottom) | Total sample: 1,494 | Age: 108, 152, 216, 286, 247, 91 | Sex: 563, 507 | Postcode: 114, 266, 131, 311, 159, 124, 58 | Disability: 230, 817

This chart shows the proportion of respondents who disagree with policy A (Expand the Portsmouth Park and Ride to create a transport hub):
6% of the total sample.
4% of those aged under 34,
7% of those aged 35-44,
10% of those aged 45-54,
6% of those aged 55-64,
3% of those aged 65-74, and
4% of those aged 75 and over.
9% of males and 2% of females.
6% of those in PO1,
6% of those in PO2,
6% of those in PO3,
7% of those in PO4,
5% of those in PO5,
5% of those in PO6 and
14% of those living external to PO1-PO6.
7% of those with a disability and 6% of those without a disability.

Why do you disagree with policy A?

Base: Respondents who disagree with policy A (92)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Don't think it will work / people don’t want to use P&R e.g. will still use Gunwharf car park, difficult when carrying lots of stuff or for a family, stops too early, routes don't go to enough places, doesn't serve residents from East and South of city 39
2 Other things are more important e.g. residents parking, getting rid of HMOs, reducing bike theft 17
3 E-scooters / e-bikes are dangerous and not suitable for all 10
4 Waste of money 9
5 Anti-motorist / restrictive 8
6 Will put visitors off 5
7 P&R too expensive to use 3
8 Other e.g. council won't deliver, expansion of the P&R site will increase traffic noise and pollution, doesn't consider the disabled 12
9 No relevant comment / no comment 14