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  • 10% of respondents making a further comment are generally negative towards the council and criticise the content of the consultation itself, some raise issues with the language used in the survey and supporting documents, whilst others mention the parking costs to residents
  • 8% again mention the lack of focus on the residents and highlight the issues they face such as difficulties finding a parking space, resentment towards HMOs and the number of commercial or other large vehicles taking up valuable spaces
  • 7% mention the need to significantly improve public transport and suggest evening services, oyster style ticketing and subsidised pricing

Do you have any further comments to make about Portsmouth’s draft parking strategy?

Base: Total sample (1,250)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Generally negative e.g. unachievable, too much focus on climate agenda, vague, confused, council / planners incompetent and don't listen, money-making scheme 10
2 Residents parking should be top priority e.g. have to drive round to find a space, scared to go out and move vehicle as space won't be there on their return, too many commercial vehicles / campervans, vehicles parked illegally or inconsiderately, displacement at edge of zones, permits too expensive, gaps between cars (add marked bays), difficult for visitors, hospital staff blocking resident parking, football traffic 8
3 Improve public transport e.g. rapid transport system, direct bus routes, easier to use timetables, more reliable buses, evening service for buses, trams, cheaper Gosport ferry, Oyster style ticketing, expanded Park & Ride, subsidised travel 7
4 Regulate parking permits e.g. 1 per household, look again at hours of operation, additional charges for other types/size of vehicles, people with driveways must use them, get rid of permits completely, one permit for whole city 5
5 Target car reduction e.g. no more HMOs, students leave cars at home, new developments to have sufficient allocated parking, educate on high cost of car ownership 4
6 Generally positive 4
7 Off road allocated parking sites for commercial vehicles / camper vans / untaxed cars / taxis overnight or longer term 4
8 Enforce existing restrictions and rules of the road properly e.g. cars on pavements/blocking cycle paths, parking on corners/double yellows, e-scooters/bikes on pavements, bikes jumping lights 3
9 Free / cheap and easy to use parking in shopping areas and on the seafront to encourage economic activity 3
10 More proactive to achieve green targets e.g. exanding CAZ and introducing ULEZ, stop encouraging parking in the city centre, city-wide cycle routes, close more roads to motorised vehicles, more walking routes across the city 2
11 Make it better for cycling e.g. safer, continuous routes, secure parking on street and around city, improve safety of seafront cycle lane 2
12 More / better consultation e.g. advertised more widely, make sure all user groups are represented, not just daytime events 2
13 Anti-motorist 2
14 Needs to be more ambitious/ innovative, link with city regeneration and transport strategies 1
15 More carrot, less stick 1
16 Change street layouts e.g. make one-way, introduce diagonal parking with marked bays, get rid of cycle lanes 1
17 Other e.g. consider parking strategy during Victorious festival, keep cash options at parking locations, longer parking options near faith buildings, add new car parks such as under the common / multi-storeys, concentrate on improving pavements and road surfaces, programme to create more driveways, incentives to buy electric bikes, car share clubs won't work, use commercial car parks / schools for residential parking, more EV infrastructure, less EV infrastructure, consider the disabled 7
18 No relevant comment / no comment 53