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  • The main barriers that would prevent respondents from joining a local car club are the uncertainty of vehicles being available when needed (73%) and the distance of the car club vehicle bay to people’s properties (69%)

Are there any barriers that would prevent you from joining a local car club?

Base: Non-members who would consider joining a car club and existing members (653)

This chart shows when respondents were asked about barriers that would prevent them from joining a car club
73% cite the uncertainty of vehicle availability
69% cite the distance between car club vehicle bays and their property
52% cite the potential cost(s)
44% cite concerns about not being able to park at a car club bay at the end of journeys
37% cite inconvenience
17% cite needing to own their own car for other reasons
12% cite concerns about driving unfamiliar vehicles
7% cite concerns about Covid-19
13% cite other reasons
4% cite that there are no barriers