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Two predominantly quantitative online surveys were conducted; an individual online survey open to all residents within the city and a separate online survey targeted towards businesses within the city.

The two surveys were launched on 13th September and were open for four weeks until 11th October 2021. The online survey was promoted via the following marketing and communication channels:

  • PCC email marketing distribution lists
  • PCC social media platforms
  • Press release
  • Targeted letter drop to addresses in Central Southsea, St Judes, and St Thomas


The main aim of the consultation was to understand the appetite for a car club within Portsmouth. The consultation focused on the following specific research objectives:

  • To identify the level of interest in a car club by geographical location with a view to highlight ‘hotspot’ areas where demand is highest
  • To understand whether the pandemic is affecting current interest levels – will the propensity of potential users to join a car club change as the pandemic eases
  • To gain insight into the barriers to using a car club
  • To canvas opinions from both residents and business owners within Portsmouth and how car club impacts their specific needs

Response Rates

The individual survey attracted 879 responses, with 60 businesses interacting with the business survey.

Individual Survey

Business Survey