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  • The vast majority of respondents do not already belong to a car club (98%)
  • The small proportion who do belong to a car club belong to Wimbledon Park, Enterprise, Zipcar or a different car club

An asterisk (*) indicates a very small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results


Do you already belong to a car club?

Base: Total sample (812)

This chart shows that 98% of respondents are not part of a car club while 2% of respondents are

List of car clubs that respondents belong to

Base: Respondents who belong to a car club (16*) | caution small base

This table shows that of those respondents who do belong to a car club
50% are members of the Wimbledon Park car club
25% are members of Enterprise
13% are members of Zipcar
13% are members of other car clubs

wdt_ID Car club name Percentage (%)
1 Wimbledon Park 50
2 Enterprise 25
3 Zipcar 13
4 Other 13