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  • The majority of users (55%) want more bike hangars to be installed around the city. This included in new locations and additional hangars in locations where they are already installed
  • There were a few minor complaints, with 10% of user respondents claiming that their nearest bike hangar was not being used. This was only raised by a few sign-up users and may be a result of frustration in not having access to a bike hangar
  • 10% of respondents feel that access to a bike hangar should be free of charge in order to promote cycling within the city

An asterisk (*) indicates a small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

Do you have any further comments you would like to make about the bike hangar trial?

This table shows the key themes from respondents when asked if they had any further comments on the bike hangar trial. 55% of respondents state that they want more bike hangars to be installed in Portsmouth. 10% report that they don’t believe the bike hangar in their area is being used, and 10% state that bike hangars should be free.

Base: Active users and sign-up users (20*) | *caution small base size

wdt_ID Key themes from final comments box Percentage
1 Demand for more bike hangars 55
2 Belief that bike hangars are not being used 10
3 Bike hangars should be free 10

User response regarding the bike hangar trial

“This has been an excellent idea and I initially had huge hesitation. Worried it be an eye sore, take up too much parking space and be un secure. I have been pleasantly surprised, takes up one parking space, nice small size so not an eye sore (although I would not want in front of my window) and secure. I actually bought a bike 1 month after it arrived as I knew it was easily access to bike, secure and covered. The price is just right. Please do not increase. Please place more around the city.”