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  • Just under three-quarters of all user respondents cycle either daily (33%) or weekly (41%), with only 7% reporting that they never cycle
  • Nine out of ten active user respondents see a positive increase in their level of cycling due to their access to a bike hangar, with 60% of users ‘much more likely’ to cycle within the city

An asterisk (*) indicates a small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

How often do you cycle in the city?

This chart shows the cycling rate for user respondents. 33% of user respondents cycle daily, 41% of user respondents cycle weekly, 11% of user respondents cycle every few weeks, 4% of user respondents cycle monthly, 4% of user respondents cycle less often than weekly or monthly, and 7% of user respondents never cycle.

Base: Active and sign-up user (27*) | *caution small base

Are you more or less likely to cycle in the city now that you are using the bike hangar?

This chart shows whether active user respondents are more or less likely to cycle due to access to a bike hangar. 60% of active users are much more likely to cycle, 30% are a little more likely to cycle, and 10% are neither more or less likely to cycle.

Base: Active users (10*) | *caution small base