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A predominantly quantitative online survey was launched on Thursday 8th July 2021 and was open for two weeks.

It was promoted through the various marketing and communications to maximise consultation engagement and subsequent response rate:

  • PCC email marketing
  • PCC social media (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • PCC press release
  • Via the telephone to PCC offline consultation database

The survey was designed to identify respondents who were actively using a bike hangar (users) and those who were not using a bike hangar (non-users)

The research sought the views about what people think about the newly installed bike hangars in Portsmouth and to:

  • Understand how the bike hangars have been received by both users and non-users
  • Identify which model of bike hangar is the most popular
  • Understand whether specific models are better at fulfilling specific resident needs

In total 62 people interacted with the survey. This low rate of response means that results should only be used as an indicator of opinion.

Summary of respondents

User analysis

Non-user analysis