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  • 42% of non-user respondents comment that existing bike hangar(s) should be moved
  • Over a third of non-users (36%) are positive overall regarding the bike hangar trial, with just over a quarter (26%) requesting more bike hangars be installed around the city
  • There is still some concern about parking impact (10%) and general negativity toward the trial (17%); this combined is less than the overall positive response

Do you have any further comments regarding the bike hanger trial?

This table shows the key themes from non-user respondents when asked for any other comments regarding the bike hangar trial. 42% commented that existing bike hangars needed to be moved from their current location, 36% gave general positive feedback towards the trial, 26% requested that more bike hangars be installed around Portsmouth, 17% gave general negative feedback towards the trial, and 10% raised concerns about parking.

Base: Non-users (31)

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage
1 Existing bike hangar should be moved 42
2 Positivity regarding the bike hangar trial 36
3 Demand for more bike hangars/ locations 26
4 Negativity regarding bike hangar trial 17
5 Concern about parking impact 10

User responses regarding the overall bike hangar trial


“I think it is a great way to encourage more people to use their bikes by having the easy access to be able to use them. I would highly encourage more of these and more bike lanes in the city with bikes having more priority like they do in the Netherlands”

“I think it is a brilliant idea and I would like to see more round the city. Ideally of course I would like me near where I live! But in general they are fantastic”

“They are very unsightly and I would be very unhappy if one had to be located outside my house. I appreciate that they may make cycling easier for some people but I doubt that they take cars off the road and in areas where parking is already difficult I don’t think this is the solution.”