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  • Trees (34%) are the most popular kind of landscaping / greenery improvement respondents would like to see in Goldsmith Avenue, followed by flowers / wildflowers and plants (24%), and more greenery/ landscaping in general (24%)
  • 9% of respondents had concerns surrounding how improvements to landscaping and or greenery would impact space and visibility in Goldsmith Avenue

What kind of improvements to landscaping or greenery would you like to see in the area?

Base: those making further comments (366)

This table shows they key themes of what kind of improvements to landscaping or greenery would respondents like to see: 34% said trees, 24% flowers, wildflowers or plants, 24% said bushes, shrubs or hedgerows, 9% said they were concerned about space / visibility, 8% said planters, 8% said they wanted everything mentioned in the question, 4% said other greening solutions, 16% said other, 7% said no improvements

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) %