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  • The majority of respondents have travelled on a route that takes them through Goldsmith Avenue (87%)
  • The majority of respondents who travel through the area frequently (at least twice a week), do so as a car or van driver (52%)
  • 60% of respondents travel through the area using active travel; 40% frequently cycle through and 30% frequently walk through Goldsmith Avenue
  • The main reason that respondents travel through Goldsmith Avenue is to get to the shops (67%)
  • Reasons such as travelling to a leisure activity (42%), travelling to or from home (39%) travelling to see friends and family (38%) and travelling to work (32%) were not selected by a majority of respondents however they were significant reasons for travel

Do you ever travel on a route that takes you through Goldsmith Avenue?

Base: Total sample (773)

this chart shows that 87% of respondents said they travel on a route that takes them through Goldsmith Avenue, while 13% do not

How do you travel through Goldsmith Avenue? (by frequent travellers)

Base: Respondents travelling through Goldsmith Avenue at least twice a week (355)

this chart shows that of those who travel through Goldsmith Avenue frequently (at least twice per week), 52% said they are the driver of a car or van, 40% travel by bicycle, 30% by foot, 17% as a passenger in a car or van, 6% by bus, 2% by taxi, less than 1% are in a HGV. 60% travel using ‘active travel’ methods (walking and cycling)

What are the main reasons you travel through Goldsmith Avenue?

Base: Total sample (638)

This chart shows that the main reasons why respondents travel through Goldsmith Avenue: 67% are travelling to the shops, 42% are travelling to a leisure activity, 39% are travelling to or from home, 38% are travelling to see family, 32% are travelling to work, 27% are travelling as part of their exercise, 6% are travelling to education, and 8% are travelling for other reasons