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  • The majority of respondents made further suggestions about the proposed improvements to Goldsmith Avenue; these suggestions centred around improving paths, traffic infrastructure, new regulations and the enforcement of these regulations
  • The next most popular themes identified within the further comments centre around respondents being supportive of cycle segregation and respondents being concerned about the current level of safety for cyclists (both 17% respectively)

Do you have any further comments to make about these improvements to Goldsmith Avenue? Are there any other changes you would like to see on this route?

Base: those making further comments (303)

This table shows the key themes of respondents’ further comments to make about these improvements to Goldsmith Avenue and any other changes they would like to see on this route: 20% said they wanted cycle or pedestrian improvement, 17% said they were supportive of cycle segregation, 17% said they were concerned about the current safety of cyclists, 16% want to see improvements or changes to the traffic infrastructure, 12% said the existing road or pavement is too narrow, 11% want to see proper enforcement of no parking on cycle lanes or removing parking on the street, 11% were critical of car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or e-scooters, 10% wanted improvements to Talbot Road, Francis Avenue or Goldsmith Avenue, 8% made comments which were unsupportive of the proposal, 6% made comments which were supportive of the proposal, 6% were concerned about the safety of pedestrians, 6% did not want shared pedestrian/cycle paths, 22% made other comments

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) %