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Participants were asked what they would like to see more of in terms of spaces and activities for LGBTQ+ people.


The disabled and neurodiverse participants would like to see more:

  • Activities such as arts and crafts, Ninja warrior course, sports, paint party, movies, discos, theatre trips, music/singing/dancing, role play and dress up, and cookery
  • They want to be able to go out and celebrate who they are

Being with others with similar disabilities seems more important than the LGBT aspect. Disability-friendly spaces may already feel inclusive in nature, or they may be on an earlier part of their identity journey

Ethnic minorities

Participants from ethnic minorities would like to see more:

  • Non-alcohol based social opportunities
  • Pubs or similar inclusive LGBT venues with visually diverse customers
  • Nature-based groups visiting green spaces or going for a walk on the beach
  • Sea swimming

They have a feeling of two communities: a Black community and their LGBTQ+ community. An intersection of the two in terms of spaces and activities is desirable

North Portsmouth

Participants from North Portsmouth would like to see more:

  • Gaming clubs
  • Art/creativity clubs or activities
  • Music/drama clubs with a queer focus
  • Queer talent shows
  • Drag shows
  • Local Pride events in North Portsmouth
  • Local events and activities that reflects the broader LGBT content they consume online

It is important to most that the other people they mix with socially are LGBTQ+ so they can take part with their complete selves in an inclusive environment

LGBTQ+ aged 25+

Older LGBTQ+ people would like to see more:

  • Non-alcohol based social opportunities
  • Funding for activities e.g. queer book club at the Central Library, or other social clubs (not directly organised by the council, but receiving funding from, working in collaboration with trusted queer groups such as Pride or Downtown Pompey)
  • Better advertising/ promotion of what is on offer