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Key take-outs

  • Most LGBT venues are alcohol and night time-based which doesn’t always feel safe, particularly for people of colour or those with disabilities. It is difficult for some sub-groups within LGBTQ+ to find where they belong. They feel that there is too much emphasis on appearance
  • Support groups that are known about seem to be working well. There is low awareness of the youth groups run by the council. Only two participants reference them: one attends or has attended 4Me, the other was invited to 4U but the location was too far away from where they lived (North Portsmouth)

Inclusive or explicitly LGBTQ+ pubs and music venues

  • Hampshire Boulevard
  • Vinyl Lounge
  • The Deco
  • The Phoenix
  • Pussy Palace cocktail bar
  • Sewing Circle (lesbian dance space at The Loft)

Key quotes from participants

“White, straight people can be unpredictable when they’ve had a drink”

“Hard to find Black friends in Portsmouth, let alone Black queer friends”

“It’s quite White in there” (talking about The Deco)


  • Black Pride
  • Progressive Pride (more inclusive of trans and intersex)
  • Pride – only held once a year. Good opportunity to celebrate their lifestyle. Some find it too big and busy, others don’t feel the need to ‘celebrate’ their orientation publicly. Others find it non-inclusive of all LGBTQ+ people

Support groups (Portsmouth City Council-run or VCSE)

  • Ready to Shine (social education for adults with learning difficulties)
  • MAKE (Aldingbourne Trust – café, crafts/creativity centre for people with learning difficulties)
  • EnableAbility
  • ForMe Youth Group 18-15 (other PCC groups and clubs not mentioned)
  • Young Carers group at Paulsgrove Family Hub

Other spaces

  • Daytime cafes and coffee shops
  • “Groups like this” (talking about Queer POC)
  • LGBT Club at Portsmouth Uni
  • Downtown Pompey (LGBTQ+ cultural events e.g. True Colours theatre show July 2022 )

“If it wasn’t for Pride and Downtown what queer stuff would be happening in Portsmouth?”