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  • 51% rated pavement surfaces as poor or very poor
  • There were two main reasons given for this: firstly, damaged pavements and footways (84% of those rating pavement surfaces as poor mentioned this), followed closely by old surfaces in need of replacement (78%)
  • Another important factor mentioned, was the issue of inadequate tactile paving (mentioned by 31% of those rating surfaces as poor) which was more likely to be cited as an issue by parents using a pushchair (44%)
  • This was more likely to be cited as an issue by parents using a pushchair (44%)
  • It is worth noting here that the 16-34 age group makes up the highest proportion of the parents who use a pushchair in the sample

Why respondents think pavement surfaces are poor / very poor

Base: All rating pavement surfaces as poor/very poor (320)

This chart shows that when respondents were asked why they think the pavement surface is poor or very poor
84% of respondents mention damaged pavements and or footways (i.e tree roots)
78% say that surfaces are old and need to be replaced
31% say that there is an inadequate amount of tactile paving

Other comments

Base: All rating pavement surfaces as poor/very poor (320)

8% mention uneven, sloping and or cambered pavements
4% mention tactile paving, cobblestones being painful and or dangerous to use, and that pavements are difficult to walk on
3% mention cars parking on pavements
3% say that pavements are not wheelchair friendly
3% mention trip hazards, obstacles, wheelie bins and or overhanging bushes

wdt_ID Responses (key themes) Percentage (%)
1 Uneven / sloping / cambered 8
2 Tactile paving / cobblestones painful / dangerous to use / difficult to walk on 4
3 Cars park on pavements 3
4 Not wheelchair friendly 3
5 Trip hazards / obstacles / wheelie bins/overhanging bushes 3
6 Unsafe / dangerous 2
7 Dropped kerbs too high / not properly dropped 2
8 Dog poo 2
9 Cars obstruct dropped kerbs / paths / park on double yellow lines 2
10 Lack of dropped kerbs 2

Direct quote from respondent

“When on holiday in other cities I find pushing my husband’s manual wheelchair generally easier due to better pavements.”