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  • Around half of respondents (at 49%) rated being able to move along the pavement/footway with ease as poor or very poor
  • The two largest reasons for this were cars parking on the pavement (71%) and pavement clutter making it difficult to travel (70%)
  • Parents using a pushchair were most likely to find pavement clutter and cars parking on the pavement an issue (mentioned by 80%, and 79% respectively)
  • Over 55s were less likely to mention pavements being too narrow, pavement clutter being an issue and cars parked on the pavement than their younger counterparts
  • However, over 55s were more likely to mention cyclists on pavements as an issue (mentioned by 13%)

Why respondents think being able to move around the pavement/footway with ease is poor / very poor

Base: All rating ease of movement as poor/very poor (307)

This chart shows that when respondents were asked why they think being able to move around the pavement/footway with ease is poor/very poor
71% of respondents mention cars parking on the pavement
70% say that the pavement clutter makes it difficult for them to travel
51% say that the pavement and or footway is too narrow
40% mention roadworks not having accessible diversions for pedestrians
38% mention physical barriers on pavements and or footways

Other comments

Base: All rating ease of movement as poor/very poor (307)

8% mention sloping, uneven and or cambered pavements
8% mention e-scooters on pavements
7% mention cyclists on pavements
3% mention the poor quality of pavements through them being cracked, broken and or in bad repair
3% mention cars badly parked, subsequently blocking the vision of the pavement

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) Percentage (%)
1 Sloping / uneven pavements / cambers 8
2 Escooters on pavements 8
3 Cyclists on pavements 7
4 Poor quality pavements / cracked / broken slabs / in bad repair 3
5 Cars badly parked / blocking vision/pavement 3
6 Dog mess 2
7 Badly positioned / high / poor dropped kerbs 2
8 Gradients / too steep 2
9 Unsafe / dangerous 2
10 Blocking of dropped kerbs 2
11 Lack of dropped kerbs 2

Direct quotes from respondents

“Drop kerbs need to be drop kerbs and not have an inch high to get over. If there are road/pavement works blocking the pavement there needs to be accessible alternatives.”

“One of the main issues for me being on a mobility scooter is rubbish bins on pavements, having to try and move them to get past.”

“There needs to be more dropped kerbs near disabled parking spaces so that the wheelchair user doesn’t have to travel along the road to find a way into the pavement.”

“Stop cars parking on pavements and also dropped kerbs.”

“I’ve hardly gone out recently but have still had a near-miss with an e-scooter (an illegal one on the road as I was trying to cross). I’m limited to 3.7mph but they whizz by at 15mph or more without any road sense or training. Makes roads (and pavements!) even scarier.”