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  • There were numerous mentions around the unreliability and infrequency of certain modes of transport in Portsmouth. This was particularly mentioned in relation to buses, with some stating that they would use buses more if they could come on-time, or were running at more convenient times
  • Unreliability was also frequently raised in relation to WAT’s in Portsmouth, with many commenting on how they are hard to order, and are often cancelled

Direct quotes from respondents

“Wheelchair taxis are really hard to get and the drivers moan like crazy.”

“Never ever get a wheelchair taxi if you do you have to wait half hour to an hour and charges you double the price of a normal taxi.”

“Buses are never on time. Routes are not always direct as I know some routes need to cover all the back roads.”

“I would use the buses if they ran when I need them. They are not frequent enough and there aren’t any at all on the X4 route in the evening or early enough at the weekend.”