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  • Pavements also provoked strong responses on Facebook posts – many commented on the uneven surfaces and how they could pose problems to not only wheelchair and buggy-users, but also those walking
  • There were also numerous mentions around dropped kerbs in Portsmouth; whilst cars parking across or over them posed an issue for many, some also found that they are too high off the ground and make it hard to get onto the pavement with a wheelchair or buggy

Direct quotes from respondents

“You could probably start by making pavements less trip hazard for walkers ,I hate to think how wheelchair/ mobility scooter users are expected to use the pavement when it not safe for walkers.”

“This is so good to see! Cars parking on pavements and drop kerbs being parked over is one of the biggest issues. Many of the drop kerbs are also quite high, some unusable. Other than that, there are a lot of uneven paths that are not only painful but dangerous.”

Stop vehicles parking on pavements, we have to push our son out onto the road as both pavements are blocked (Minstead Road) it is dangerous.”

“Make it an offence to park over and obstruct dropped kerbs!”