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  • Interviewees mentioned that the following features were very important:
    • access for disabled people and those with limited mobility
    • disabled toilets,
    • changing areas and
    • equipment.

“Obviously parking for people with disabilities and lots of cycle space. Good signposting for pedestrians and cyclists to get there from all over the city, the southern part particularly.” (Councillor)

  • The centre should also be inclusive for all ages, with activities for babies, teens and young people, and the elderly.

“Be ambitious, be inclusive.” (Councillor)

“One of the things in Portsmouth that is a gap is disability swimming.” (Portsmouth Northsea)

“I think having a facility that was well-run and managed that would have high expectations of behaviour but accept young people would be amazing.” (Pompey in the Community)

  • A new hub needs to affordable so that it can be used by clubs and by the general public.
  • Several different discounts were suggested.
  • Interviewees said that the design should be sympathetic to its surroundings and functional: it should be bright, open and welcoming.
  • Some also mentioned the general need for a “modernisation” of facilities, as well as an eco-friendly building.

“From a design point of view, say, let’s have a really decent design. Let’s not go for an identikit design. Let’s go for something quite interesting, distinctive.” (Councillor)

“…the nature of the building being environmentally friendly, i.e. could it be made from recycled materials…” (Eastney Community Area Association Board)

“Any sort of modernisation would be great to be honest with you.” (Octopush Junior)

Dry-side facilities
  • Interviewees want:
    • indoor sports courts,
    • multi-purpose spaces for community events or hire,
    • a good café, and
    • outdoor spaces.
“We need rooms which are usable for different size of groups… We’d need storage, we don’t really have enough storage for the users… the café is… very much isolated. So it has its own entrance which you can access the community centre through it, but it’s very much self-contained. I think going forward it would be better so that it’s within an open foyer area… I would love to have an outdoor space off of our hireable rooms.” (Eastney Community Area Association Board)
  • A lot of interviewees mentioned the need for good opportunities for active travel.
  • Some things that they felt would be useful were:
    • well-lit and signposted walking and cycling routes,
    • secure cycle parking,
    • more bus routes,
    • affordable bus tickets, and
    • disabled parking.
Wet-side facilities
  • Interviewees mentioned the need for an ordinary pool for swimming, as well as a separate children or learner pool.
  • There were calls for a 50-metre or 25-metre pool, with six to ten lanes, at a 2.2m-3m depth.
  • They also suggested a spectators area and good changing rooms.

Obviously we would prefer ideally a tiled bottom because the pucks move better on tiles… Without a slope in it, just a square pool, flat bottom… If it’s a 25 meter pool, ideally we’d just like it to be the same depth all the way across. You know, 2.2 to 2.5 or whatever… obviously big enough changing rooms…” (Octopush Senior)