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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • Views on the impact of COVID-19 were mixed.
  • Some clubs have experienced a large loss in their membership numbers due to the pandemic.

Well I’ll be completely honest [Covid has] been an absolute disaster and my mission was to improve the club and grow the club. We lost a lot of swimmers…” (Portsmouth Victoria Synchro Club)

  • Others aren’t too concerned, reporting that they think people will be excited to get back.

“Given the junior club in specific terms, I haven’t seen the kids for a while due to covid but I think they’ll be quicker to adapt and I don’t think there’ll be any issues about playing the game. I think they’ll be chomping at the bit to be honest with you.” (Octopush Junior)

  • Many of those interviewed reported parking as their main concern.
  • Local residents said that they already struggle to park, due to the area being so busy.
  • Several people feel that it will be important to have a dedicated car park facility, so that they won’t upset local residents when parking.

“From our membership, the wide range of areas in Hampshire that they live in, for most of them, they have to come by car. Obviously wouldn’t want to upset the neighbours around Bransbury Park if there was no dedicated car park for the sports facility.” (Halcyon)

  • The main feedback that councillors received from their constituents was also around parking. They highlighted the importance of publicly addressing these concerns and explaining what measures are in place to alleviate this problem.

“There’s an awful lot of concern about I think two things really, one is around parking (as everyone is concerned about parking) and we need to do something to demonstrate that we’re listening to that concern.” (Councillor)

Time delay
  • Some of those interviewed were concerned about the length of time it will take to replace the existing facilities with a new hub. They don’t know how they will operate during this period.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt with the badminton club that Wimbledon Park you know is approaching the end of its serviceable life but their obvious concern is that what will happen to their membership in the short term if they were to close? Where would they play in the meantime?” (Hampshire Badminton)

  • Several interviewees suggested that it would be good to keep things running while the new facility is being built. It would also be important to let people know that the current community centre will stay open until a new one is ready.