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Following a city-wide survey in 2020 to gather feedback about existing sport and leisure facilities in Portsmouth and to introduce the idea of a new facility at Bransbury Park, a consultation was launched in 2021 to gather more detailed insight around the potential new centre at Bransbury Park.

At the outset of the project money had been set aside to keep the facilities at Eastney Swimming Pool and Wimbledon Park Sports Centre going as they currently were. The proposal was to use this money on a brand new facility at Bransbury Park instead. Most respondents in the 2020 consultation supported the proposal (63% – the full consultation results can be found here). Following this, approval was given to develop the proposal further.

The Council have now committed £10.5m towards the project, and plan to make a bid to Sport England for up to £2m more in grant funding which would help maximise the number of facilities on the site. This second wave of research therefore focused on getting more detailed insight around the potential new centre. This insight aims to help make sure that the right mix of facilities is provided, and to show a local need for it. It will also help to inform the Sport England bid.

It was decided that an approach focused on key stakeholders would provide valuable information in the 2021 consultation. Members of the public were also consulted, to understand the views of potential users on a new centre at Bransbury Park. The key stakeholders include:

  • individuals, clubs and organisations who currently use Eastney Swimming Pool, Wimbledon Park Sports Centre and Eastney Community Centre,
  • regional and national sport groups, and
  • local councillors.

Methodology and response rates

To meet the research objectives, three different approaches were taken. There were a range of stakeholders to include in this research and these methods were designed to ensure collection of the highest quality data possible:

A predominantly quantitative online survey

  • The aim was to capture the views of local residents and facility users.
  • In total, the survey received 2,208 responses.
  • Based on a “total population” of 175, 205 people (the latest mid-year estimate from the Office for National Statistics for people aged 16-90+ in Portsmouth), this amount of responses ensures a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of 2% – well within acceptable parameters.

16 depth interviews with key stakeholders

  • The key stakeholders included ward councillors, local sports clubs, regional and national sporting bodies, Pompey in the Community and the Eastney Community Area Association Board.

A predominantly qualitative online survey

  • In total, 17 people responded on behalf of 12 different groups and activities who currently operate at Eastney Community Centre (out of the 19 groups and activities targeted).
  • A wide range of clubs and activities were represented including sports groups, baby classes, and hobby or activity groups.