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  • A total of 183 respondents reported at the start of the survey that they live locally to Bransbury Park, and selected that they are unlikely or very unlikely to visit a new hub.
  • Those respondents were then given the opportunity to share any general views they have on the potential development.
  • The most popular theme that came out was around parking:
    • Two thirds of respondents shared their worries about how a new development would impact the area it’s built in (66%).
    • Over a third of these respondents also commented that they don’t want to lose any green space or the outdoor courts (36%) and are worried about increased traffic (34%).
Base: Respondents who are unlikely or very unlikely to visit a new hub at Bransbury Park and live in the surrounding streets (183)
ThemesPercentage of respondents
Loss of green space and outdoor courts36%
Suggestions of different locations26%
Size of building15%
Impact on the atmosphere of the area14%
Good idea11%
Anti-social behaviour8%