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  • Parking was the most popular theme from the open-ended comments. Respondents suggested that the centre needs its own off-road car park.
  • It’s important to respondents that the new centre is inclusive and accessible for:
    • people of all ages,
    • those with disabilities, and
    • people on a variety of incomes.
  • Respondents want a good quality swimming pool, as well as community spaces. They also hope that some of the existing facilities (like the railway and outdoor courts) will stay.
  • Other suggestions included:
    • encourage active travel,
    • good management,
    • flexible opening hours,
    • a good café, and
    • the hub has to be safe and well-lit.
  • A small number of respondents expressed their opposition to the proposal, stating it is the wrong location. Others want constant consultation and for it to be built quickly.

Main themes

Base: 1535
  • Parking
  • Inclusive and accessible for disabled people, families, and people of all ages from teenagers to elderly
  • Good quality swimming pool
  • Affordable
  • Keep existing facilities at Bransbury Park
  • Functional and sympathetic design
  • Variety of classes, activities and clubs
  • Encourage active travel
  • General opposition to the proposal
  • Indoor sports courts and community rooms
  • Good management and maintenance
  • Flexible opening hours
  • Wrong location for hub
  • Consult people and keep them informed
  • Safe and well-lit
  • Good café
  • Build it as quickly as possible