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  • The findings were similar to those reported in the Eastney Community Centre section. Overall, respondents felt that the park and its facilities work well. Parking was the only key issue – 62% of respondents reported it as something that doesn’t work well.
  • Otherwise, the feedback was mostly positive. 85% of respondents said that outdoor space works well, followed by the location (78%) and accessibility (54%).
  • Almost half of respondents (49%) felt that the café works well. The same percentage of respondents said that the children’s play area works well.
Base (respondents who have visited Bransbury Park): Works well (1500) | Does not work well (915)

The following chart shows that a majority of respondents feel that several things work well at Bransbury Park, including the outdoor space (85%) and the location (78%). Parking was the only answer option chosen by a majority of respondents as something that does not work well (62%).