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  • Compared to the other facilities, most respondents visited Bransbury Park at least once a week (62%).
  • Over a third of respondents (35%) would stay at Bransbury Park for about one hour when visiting.
  • Walking was the most popular activity at the park: over two thirds of respondents (68%) visited for this reason.
  • Just under half of respondents (49%) had used the park for exercise, with almost two out of five respondents (37%) visiting to use the children’s play area.
Base: Respondents who have visited Bransbury Park (1534)

The following chart shows that most respondents who have ever visited Bransbury Park would visit for walking (68%). 49% of respondents visit Bransbury Park for exercise, 37% visit for the children’s play area, 33% visit for the Bransbury Park cafe, 31% visit for dog walking, 25% visit for the steam railway 23% visit for jogging, 21% visit for cycling, 15% visit for football, 10% visit for the multi-use games area, 8% visit for skateboarding, 6% visit for netball, 6% visit for Junior park run, 6% visit for basketball, 5% visit for the accessible cycling club, 3% visit for tennis, 1% visit for cricket, and 7% visit for other reasons.