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  • The most popular theme that emerged was around respondents and their children or young people receiving continued support during the pandemic.
  • This cohort also discussed how grateful they are that various appointments have continued as usual and many commended the regularity of phone calls.
  • Several parents and carers also discussed how their child or young person continuing to attend school throughout the pandemic has been positive.
  • On the other hand, many reported that their child or young person has enjoyed learning remotely from home.

Positive impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on respondents’ experience with SEND services

Base (2021 sample): 153 (responses from at least 8 respondents)
  1. Have received continued support from SEND services (35%)
  2. Child or young person still attending school has been good (24%)
  3. Remote learning (online, at home) has been good (20%)
  4. Have continued receiving regular contact (20%)
  5. Child or young person is happier (10%)
  6. Smaller class sizes in person have meant more support (9%)
  7. Less face to face appointments (8%)
  8. More family time (5%)
  9. Better mental health (5%)
  10. Improved learning (5%)