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  • The most popular comment made by this cohort of parents and carers was that they have received little to no support from SEND services as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – a contrast to the positive comments.
  • Others in this cohort mentioned appointments being postponed or cancelled, longer waiting lists, and limited numbers for online services.
  • Some of these respondents feel like they have been forgotten; many have experienced feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on respondents’ experience with SEND services

Base (2021 sample): 274 (responses from at least 25 respondents)
  1. Have received little or no support from SEND services (40%)
  2. Negative effect on social skills (16%)
  3. Lack of communication (16%)
  4. Negative effect on learning (15%)
  5. Increased strain on family (11%)
  6. Negative impact on mental health (11%)
  7. Delays in support (10%)
  8. No face-to-face appointments (9%)