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In terms of what works well with the current bus service, a popular theme is the facilities provided by the bus service. The health and safety of the bus experience is praised; bus shelters are described as well-lit, helping passengers to feel safer whilst they wait for the bus. The bus service is described as dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic well, ensuring buses were kept clean and enforcing social distancing to reduce the risk of transmitting the Covid-19 virus between passengers. Furthermore, through the provision of kneeling buses, the representative for Pompey Pensioners feels that the bus service is accessible for those with mobility issues.

Comments from interviewees:

“Because the shelters we’ve got all over the place are well-lit, there’s less concern there” (Councillor)

“The kneeling buses are a good idea for people getting on, either with mobility difficulties or walking assistance, and prams” (Pompey Pensioners)

 “I think the buses dealt with Covid very well in terms of distancing and cleaning the bus” (Pompey Pensioners) 

Bus information facilities were also said to work well by some of those interviewed, this includes the digital timetables available at bus stops, and information about upcoming bus stops provided for passengers on the bus itself. The fact that some buses have been retrofitted to be more environmentally friendly is also described as something which works well for the bus service.

Comments from interviewees:

“They also like the automatic positioning when you’re on the bus telling you which stop you’re approaching” (Pompey Pensioners)

 “I think they’ve retrofitted a lot of the buses (…) that is good” (Councillor)


The availability of the current bus service is something which works well in some circumstances. Certain areas of Portsmouth, such as the city centre, are highlighted as being well-serviced. Keeping popular routes running is mentioned; these are generally favoured and well-utilised by residents. The number 25 and number 2 bus, in particular, are found to be very useful and beneficial to residents. Most areas of Portsmouth are considered to be covered by at least one bus route. In more populated areas, like the city centre, the frequency of buses was described as good.

Comments from interviewees:

“What works well, from what I understand, is when there are well used and popular bus routes, that we carry on providing those” (Councillor)

 “The feedback that I get are particular bus routes, like the Number 25 bus route, and other certain bus routes that people get very passionate about keeping.” (Councillor)

 “The 2 I use very frequently, but that seems to be reliable and regular, we don’t get so many stop issues on that one” (Pompey Pensioners)

 “Frequency of service, in a city like Portsmouth, they’re pretty quick, and we’re pretty lucky in Portsmouth we’ve got a fairly extensive bus route.” (Councillor)

Bus passes and tickets

Certain types of ticket are described as well-received and useful for residents and bus users. Weekly and monthly tickets on offer are described as good for frequent bus users. Multi-trip tickets and carnets are described as useful, particularly given that residents may be travelling less frequently at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bus passes are described as being favoured by residents, and well utilised by older populations; these are highlighted as something which should be kept in place due to working well. The provision of bus passes was described as making bus travel cheap and convenient for those in possession of a pass.

Comments from interviewees:

“I think the fact that you can get weekly tickets and monthly tickets, although the monthly tickets, I think the carnets are the better thing that they’ve introduced now, because of course a lot of people are not working at work, they’re working at home and only going into work 2 or 3 times a week” (Councillor)

 As a bus pass holder it’s extremely convenient and obviously cheap to use” (Pompey Pensioners)

 “…obviously the concession bus pass is good, because a lot of older people use it, if that was ever withdrawn I think there’d be civil war in the country” (Councillor)