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Two predominately quantitative online surveys; one for business and one for members of the public were launched on Friday 23 July and open until Sunday 22  August. 

It was promoted through the various marketing and communications to maximise consultation engagement and subsequent response rate:

  • PCC email marketing
  • PCC social media (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • PCC press release
  • Via the telephone to PCC offline consultation database

13 stakeholders were invited to take part in the in-depth qualitative interviews, however only four took part in the research. 

The research sought the views about what people think about bus travel in Portsmouth: 

  • To understand the strengths and weaknesses of local bus travel
  • Identify the key areas to prioritise in the long and short-term
  • To measure satisfaction levels of bus users

In total 1,133 people interacted with the main survey, 32 businesses with the business survey and four in-depth interviews

Individual Survey

Business Survey

Stakeholder Interviews