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  • The most common response from respondents was that they were happy with the suggested improvements and that no further improvements were required outside of those in the current proposal (20%)
  • Of suggestions that were not covered in the current proposal, 16% of respondents wanted to see improvements to parking options, which included both car parking and parking for alternative means of travel such as bicycles or e-scooters
  • A more general concern is that of refuse collection / ground maintenance (15%), with concerns raised about whether artificial grass pitches would impact site drainage, as well as requests to install more bins at the site
  • There is also some critique about the behaviour of football players when using the current pitches, specifically the amount of rubbish left behind after matches from both players and spectators
  • Another general concern was the environmental impact of the proposal, with respondents asking that improvements be made to green spaces (9%)


Suggested improvements for King George V Playing Fields

Base: Total sample (112)

This table shows that
20% of respondents say that no other improvements outside of the current proposal are needed
16% of respondents say that parking for cars and bicycles are needed
15% of respondents say that improved refuse collection/ ground maintenance is needed
13% of respondents say that provisions for other sports/fitness activities are needed
12% of respondents say that security needs to be improved
9% of respondents say that green spaces need to be maintained and or improved
8% of respondents say that better access to the site is needed
7% of respondents say that a new and or improved pavilion is needed
6% of respondents say that seating is needed
5% of respondents say that additional lighting is needed
8% of respondents suggest other possible improvements

wdt_ID Suggested improvement Percentage (%)
1 No other improvements needed 20
4 Parking (car and bicycle) 16
5 Improved refuse collection / ground maintenance 15
6 Provisions for other sports / fitness activities 13
7 Improved security 12
8 Maintain / improve green areas 9
9 Better access to site 8
10 New / Improved pavilion 7
11 Seating 6
12 Additional lighting 5
13 Other 8