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In order to comply with the Building Research establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) a predominately quantitative survey was conducted. BREEAM criteria required consultation with groups that fall under their definition of ‘interested parties’, of which the second category, a representative sample from the existing community, being the target audience for this consultation. As the demographic profile of the ‘existing community’ was unknown the consultation aimed to attract a good spread of respondents based on postcode district, age, gender, disability, and ethnicity.

The survey was launched on 15th October and was open until 31st October 2021. The online survey was promoted via the following marketing and communication channels:

  • PCC email marketing distribution lists (including ‘Your City Your Say’ and staff lists)
  • PCC e-bulletin subscribers
  • PCC social media platforms
  • Press release

In addition to the survey a community drop-in event was held at Cosham library on Tuesday 14th September and Wednesday 15th September. This informal event included multiple schemes proposed for the Cosham area and was used as an opportunity to directly speak to residents about the King George V Playing Fields (KGV) proposal and gather their feedback.


The main aim of the consultation is to understand the impact the development of a football hub at King George V Playing Fields would have on the local community. The consultation will focus around the following specific research objectives:

  • To identify levels of support for the scheme
  • To understand concerns and the reasons for opposing the scheme as well as the positive aspects of the scheme and reasons for support
  • To gauge potential demand for individual elements of the scheme
  • To understand the profile of respondents
  • To identify differences in attitude based on respondent proximity to King George V Playing Fields

Response Rates

The individual survey attracted 208 responses and the community drop-in event received direct comments from 66 individuals.

Individual survey

Cosham Community Event and Feedback