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  • The most common reason that visitors gave for reopening the road to traffic was that the closure has made it difficult for disabled and elderly residents in particular to access the area (31%)
  • Other comments were that the road restricts quick access to businesses (31%), that the road closure has no real benefit (31%) and that there is increased antisocial behaviour in the area causing safety concerns (25%).

Why do you feel this way?

Base: Visitors wanting the road reopened (16*) | *Caution small base

This table expands on the reasons why visitors would like Guildhall Walk to be reopened to vehicles.

wdt_ID Why do you feel this way? %
1 Accessibility (e.g. disabled, elderly) 31
2 Restricts access to businesses 31
3 Unnecessary / no real benefit 31
4 Safety / anti-social behaviour 25
5 Displaced traffic 13

Some visitors have said:

“There is no real benefit, and it means longer journeys for cars / delivery vehicles which increases pollution.”

“It would mean my wife and I would be unable to attend the Central Library easily or functions at the Guildhall. Neither of us can walk any significant distance and being able to park in the car park behind Guildhall Walk or drop off or pick up there would exclude us from the area.”

“The sole reason for the closures was to allow people to drink alcohol and eat out, NOT for any safety reasons, which is utterly irresponsible.”