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A photo of the southern end of Guildhall Walk


A predominately quantitative online survey was launched on Friday 25 June and open until Sunday 25 July.

It was promoted through various marketing and communications to maximise consultation engagement and subsequent response rate:

  • Portsmouth City Council social media platforms
  • 135 letters were delivered to residents and businesses in the local area (see definitions below)
  • Visits to residents and businesses
  • Portsmouth City Council email marketing distribution lists
  • Media release encouraging participation

The research sought feedback about the road closure from three cohorts of respondents, these included:

  • Businesses (companies with premises directly on Guildhall Walk or connecting roads)
  • Residents (people that live directly on Guildhall Walk or connecting roads)
  • Visitors (people that travel to/ through the area from other areas of Portsmouth or from outside the city)

In total 425 people interacted with the survey.





Who we engaged with