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  • 32% of visitors would like the road to remain closed as it is safer for walking and cycling and 29% commented that it is not a necessary route for cars to access
  • Others commented that the closure had made the area more pleasant (25%) and had reduced the levels of vehicle in the area (21%)

Why do you feel this way?

Base: Visitors wanting the road to remain closed (28*) | *Caution small base

This table expands on the reasons why visitors would like Guildhall Walk to remain closed to vehicles.

wdt_ID Why do you feel this way? %
1 Safer for walking / cycling 32
2 Not necessary for cars to access 29
3 More pleasant 25
4 Reduced levels of vehicles 21
5 Environmental Reasons 14
6 It's better / I like it 11
7 Other 14

Some visitors have said:

“Safer and more pleasant to be in. It could link to Guildhall Square and stop all the antisocial behaviour.”

“Guildhall Walk has always been a popular area with heavy foot flow. I worked in the area previously and travelled through it every day, twice I have come close to being knocked down by vehicles and I would welcome this area being closed to traffic except taxis/cabs.”

“It is madness to allow cars to drive down that stretch of road. Many people cross it to and from the Guildhall walk. Many cyclists want safer roads so they can actually use their bikes without being cut up, shouted at and have their lives threatened by car drivers who needn’t be in their vehicles anyway. Our air quality is so very poor we desperately need to use whatever powers we have to dis-incentivise car driving here in the city.”