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  • Respondents would most like to see inclusive and equal opportunities to encourage participation in public life, as well as volunteering and part-time opportunities

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Base: Online respondents leaving a comment (30*) *Caution low base

This table shows the key themes mentioned in further comments about participation in public life. These are:
20% of respondents mentioned Inclusive and equal opportunities
17% of respondents mentioned volunteering or part-time opportunities
10% of respondents mentioned careers advice in schools or job shadowing
7% of respondents mentioned to consult, feedback and co-produce policy
3% of respondents mentioned mandatory training on EDI
3% of respondents mentioned reducing bureaucracy
3% of respondents mentioned to expand apprenticeships
17% of respondents mentioned other themes
23% of respondents mentioned nothing

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage
1 Inclusive / equal opportunities 20
2 Volunteer / part-time opportunities 17
3 Careers advice in schools / job shadowing 10
4 Consult, feedback and co-produce policy 7
5 Mandatory training on EDI 3
6 Reduce bureaucracy 3
7 Expand apprenticeships 3
8 Other 17
9 N/A / nothing 23

“Go into schools and give career talks. Let employees bring children or other interested people to work for a day.”

“There are many retired professional people who could provide specific expertise and support to the inclusion agenda.”

“Many people I met through volunteering etc are highly qualified / experienced / educated people. For some, it may be down to a lack of confidence because of lack of English skills; for some others, their previous professional careers / qualifications are not recognised in the UK (only low paid job are available for some).”

“Once policies and procedures have been developed ensure mandatory training of all colleagues.”

“Wider consultation on local issues with feedback on outcomes. Schemes so people can shadow someone in a work role so they understand more.”