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  • There is a high level of agreement, with the majority of respondents agreeing in some capacity across all statements
  • 15% of respondents disagree that the route needs to be safer for cyclists and people walking.
  • A fifth disagree or strongly disagree that the footpaths need to be wider (20.5%) and that it is difficult to cross safely (19.5%)

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about Dundas Lane?

This chart shows that:
For “it needs to be safer for cyclists” 45% strongly agree, 25% agree, 15% neither agree nor disagree, 6% disagree, and 9% strongly disagree
For “it needs to be safer for people walking” 40% strongly agree, 25% agree, 20% neither agree nor disagree, 7% disagree and 8% strongly disagree
For “the footpaths need to be wider” 33.5% strongly agree, 24% agree, 22% neither agree nor disagree, 10.5% disagree, and 10% strongly disagree
For “it is difficult to cross safely” 32.5% strongly agree, 24% agree, 24% neither agree nor disagree, 10% disagree and 9.5% strongly disagree

Base: Total sample: From top to bottom (310,303,296,296)